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    Meet Uli

    Growing up in Germany I have had a passion for sports and fitness from a very young age. In Canada, I turned this passion into my life’s mission, to help people take back their life and stay fit for life.


    By offering the right guidance and support I can help turn your goals into a reality. Personal training is exactly that, “personal”. I have chosen to deliver only the best quality training, particularly focused on older adults over the age of forty. Let’s face it, there are enough young twenty-somethings taking selfies in gyms all over the city.


    With my skills as a personal trainer, my specialized knowledge in training older adults, and the demonstrated results my clients have achieved, I have established myself as a trainer that works closely with and for my clients. I will help set you up for success, no matter what your goals may be.


    I look forward to working with you soon!


    I focus on delivering the best quality training for adults over the age of forty.

    The Older Athlete

    Do you like to be pushed and challenged? Do you need a coach by your side that can bring out the best in you? Do you want to improve in your current sport, avoid injury or just get stronger? No matter what your goals are, I can help get you there.

    Once active but lost your way

    Were you once happy with your fitness level? Have you fallen off the wagon and finding it hard to get back on? Has life, work and kids gotten in the way of your health and fitness? I create a tailored program specifically for you. Together, we will create a new you.

    Need a change

    Are you bored with exercise? not sure you are doing it correctly? using the correct weight? doing the right reps? always doing the same thing? reached a plateau and can’t get to the next level? Either way, I am here to help you.

    Doctors orders

    Have you recently visited the doctor and been told that change is now a requirement? over weight? type 2 Diabetes? exercise needed? sound familiar? I am here to help you.

    Older Adult (70+) in need of Help

    Are you or do you know somebody that is having difficulty physically functioning on a daily basis? Are you looking to prolong your life or theirs? want to live independently for longer? Do you have a parent or a loved one in need of help? I am here to help.

  • WHY ULI?

    What my clients have to say.

    I started training with Uli a year ago. Over more than a decade I have been struggling with health issues, and among them advanced arthritis, all being very disabling. Uli was recommended to me. Having tried many trainers before with no success I was very skeptical. Uli carefully listened to what my problems are, my health history and then worked with me to develop a program to address them. She tailors her exercises to my specific needs taking also into account my life style. Despite a few set backs, that she dealt with understanding and patience, I have noticed a marked improvement in the flexibility of my joints and strength in my muscles. I can walk for a longer time, bend, kneel down and carry weight which I couldn’t before. She helped me immensely regain mobility and energy. Thanks to her I have stopped taking pain killers on a daily basis. Her competence and professionalism clearly shine through. She has become a crucial part of my healthcare team working with me to find a long-term solution. Uli has a passion for sports and fitness that she likes to share. She sincerely cares about her clients and is very compassionate. She has a very pleasant, easy-going personality and a great sense of humour.


    I consider her more as a friend than a trainer.

    Laurence Odin, Vancouver BC.

    Uli is a wonderful coach and I recommend her all the time to my friends.
    When I met Uli, I was going to the gym to improve a problem with my hip. I often suffered from hip bursitis and tendinitis that at times would stop me from even walking! I had tried several young fitness coaches who could not relate to my challenges. Some would allow me a break in the exercises they would prescribe for a week or so, then they would push me to do lunges and squats, which invariably would precipitate a hip injury again... Others would shake their heads and tell me I needed physiotherapy and should take several months’ break.
    Uli was different. First she asked me what were my goals and listened carefully to my symptoms. Then she did some research and recommended several exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint. She also understood that it was important for me to keep fit otherwise, so she coached me to strengthen my core muscles as well as my upper body, while I was giving my hips a break to slowly recover from my injury. She steadily encourages me to try different exercises to slowly regain mobility in my hip joint. Thanks to Uli’s support, the frequency of my hip problems has drastically diminished and I know now how to deal with the onset of hip pain. It is a slow and steady process, but it works!
    Uli is very knowledgeable and is an excellent listener. She pays attention to detail to ensure one is performing the movements correctly and triggering the right muscles. She is passionate about fitness and ensures one sets SMART goals. Uli has compassion, patience and a great sense of humour. Uli is more than a fitness coach, she is a true friend!

    R.Slim , Vancouver Island BC.

    Uli is an incredible coach. I came to her about 5 months ago with the goal of strengthening my whole body and improving my athletic performance. Dealing with occasional low back pain and shoulder issues, Uli knew exactly how to modify exercises for me. She helped me regain my strength and confidence in my body’s capabilities. I used to be so scared of lifting weights but under Uli guidance, I’ve found a new appreciation for the gym. My sessions with Uli are the highlight of my week. We laugh and have so much fun while we get fit. She’s the best and I recommend her to friends and clients all the time!

    Stephanie Laoun, Vancouver BC.

    I have had the pleasure of training under the guidance of Uli for nearly a year. She has been so helpful in guiding me in achieving my goals. She has been attentive to every exercise, my form and core stability. She pays attention to the number of reps and keeps logs of the amount of weights I can move from day to day. My progress is traceable at any time. My health has improved. My posture is better. My confidence and overall happiness has increased. I don't have brain fog anymore. I'm sharper mentally and physically.

    Todd Keller, Vancouver BC.

    What sets Uli apart from the hundreds of other very qualified PTs in Vancouver mainly is her laser-focus on client care and ensuring proper form with considering the safety of your individual physiology, taking into consideration your personal goals.

    In short, Uli is more than a personal trainer, she is a life-changer: Uli cares about you inside and outside of the gym, and she does everything positively from the heart: Just being around her, she does what she preaches in her life, and her love of fitness is infectious. I can't recommend Uli highly enough.

    Marcia Halajeski, Vancouver BC.

    A little bit about me, I am 66 years of age, retired, and lived a not too bad a lifestyle but probably more bad than good. Long story short, I was hospitalized with type 2 diabetes at the age of 64 and I finally discovered what was wrong with me.


    Once out of the hospital I was injecting insulin twelve times a day and life had become complicated. I schooled myself and realized that insulin was going to kill me rather than cure me. I weened myself off insulin by stopping all sugar, processed foods, liquor, fast food, and meats. I established a new routine which included an oatmeal breakfast followed by an hour and half of walking each morning. I did this for a year then had to incorporate strength training.

    I was going to get a personal trainer and for the first time in my life I was going to learn to train right and do it for the rest of my life.


    This is when Uli Webster enters my life…


    I was introduced to Uli and we got to work. We trained three days a week at the beginning, now I am at the stage where I train with Uli once a week and on other days I work-out independently. It’s perfect for me. To this day Uli continues to be my personal trainer. She is very knowledgeable of the body and knows how to trigger and isolate muscles. She has incredible attention to detail, is a motivator and is 100% focused on me during our training. She leads by example and is always learning and improving herself which in turn motivates her clients. When you meet Uli you will understand! She keeps me motivated, on my toes, informed, positive, and always on track.

    I can't recommend her enough!

    Romeo Bruni , Vancouver BC.

  • 10 Days of Core: Lockdown ABS with ULI

    Let's get that core in shape! Over 5-hours of core abdominal workout exercises divided into 10 fun and challenging classes for all levels of fitness. Each class is delivered in two formats: 1. Full Instructional Breakdown to ensure you learn the exercises safely and correctly and 2. Intensive Workout when you want to jump straight in and do the workout without the instructional breakdown. Try both formats below or start the the full program now for 10 days completely free! No credit card, no tricks, just a solid workout program for 10 days totally free!


    Lockdown ABS: Class 1

    Full Instructional Breakdown

    This is the full class with instructional breakdown and all exercise modifications. Perfect for those new to this workout program.

    Lockdown ABS: Class 1

    Intensive Workout

    This class gets straight to it! I assume you have all ready watched to full instruction version of this video.

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