Rim's Story

Uli is a wonderful coach and I recommend her all the time to my friends.

When I met Uli, I was going to the gym to improve a problem with my hip. I often suffered from hip bursitis and tendinitis that at times would stop me from even walking! I had tried several young fitness coaches who could not relate to my challenges.  Some would allow me a break in the exercises they would prescribe for a week or so, then they would push me to do lunges and squats, which invariably would precipitate a hip injury again... Others would shake their heads and tell me I needed physiotherapy and should take several months’ break.

Uli was different. First she asked me what were my goals  and listened carefully to my symptoms. Then she did some research and recommended several exercises to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint. She also understood that it was important for me to keep fit otherwise, so she coached me to strengthen my core muscles as well as my upper body, while I was giving my hips a break to slowly recover from my injury. She steadily encourages me to try different exercises to slowly regain mobility in my hip joint. Thanks to Uli’s support, the frequency of my hip problems has drastically diminished and I know now how to deal with the onset of hip pain. It is a slow and steady process, but it works!

Uli is very knowledgeable and is an excellent listener. She pays attention to detail to ensure one is performing the movements correctly and triggering the right muscles.  She is passionate about fitness and ensures one sets SMART goals. Uli has compassion, patience and a great sense of humour. Uli is more than a fitness coach, she is a true friend!


Vancouver Island BC